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About MMF

Our vision...

Christian Bartic

General Manager/MML

Growing up was a challenge for Christian.  He went through childhood and school feeling like he never fit in, had little or no friends, was subject to bullying and could never grasp his curriculum, which resulted in poor grades.  Because of this, Christian attended three different high schools.  Christian was facing deeper issues than he could grasp and getting others to understand was almost impossible. 


During his mid-teens, Christian was finally treated by a physician to diagnose his issue focusing, short-term memory, chronic fatigue, lack of motivation and antisocial behavior.  After many tests, Christian was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD/Anxiety and Depression and was put on medications with the intent to help, but instead the medications made his conditions exponentially worse.  Christian now faced appetite loss, introversion and the opposite effects to what was intended.  Christian decided to take matters into his own hands and turned to fitness as medication and motivation.  Being at the gym brought focus to life and transformation of results.    Not only did the gym transform his physique, but it also transformed his mental health.  This success drives Christian to dedicate himself to others with similar struggles and to educate others on health and holistic alternatives to medicated life.

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